Field Learning and Development Reviews

Xenplate was chosen by South Western Ambulance NHS Trust to develop a field system for learning and development reviews.

Approximately 3,000 clinicians deliver Emergency and Urgent care across the entire South West region. Each clinician receives an annual ‘on the road’ training and assessment day, called a Learning and Development Review (LDR), during which their skills and competencies are assessed and supported by one of a team of specialist clinical Learning and Development Officers (LDOs).

L2S2 has developed a full training assessment system that is designed to work wherever training is to take place.  This system runs on Windows mobile devices and is hosted on L2S2’s hosting facility .

This system allows a coordinator to assign a number of staff members to each training officer.  Their details will be transferred in the background to the officer’s device ahead of, and in time for, the training review session.  Past training records may also be transferred to the device for review alongside the current session.

The Xenplate system guides the training officer through the review. For each section of the review, Xenplate requires different amounts of information to be entered dependent upon the ranking of the candidate’s skills in this area. Once completed, the report is displayed on the device for review and is sent to the hosting system. It is then transferred securely to the designated recipients (HR and line management). The system works both on and off-line, automatically synchronising, whenever connectivity is available.

The LDOs use Windows mobile devices, but the software could also be run on mobile devices (BYOD) in the event that backup was needed, e.g. if device battery lifetimes proved a problem.

The system is designed so that It can be used off-line, so it will work regardless of connectivity issues, but data are synchronised with the master server whenever users’ devices are on-line.

Information Governance and Data Security
The system may only be used by staff who present the correct credentials and it is secured using multi-factor security.  All data are encrypted on the device and during transfer and the Xenplate app has been designed to work from encrypted data directly so that unencrypted data is never available on the end-user device.  At the end of the review, once the training report and data have been replicated to the hosting service, the information about the candidate may be wiped off the training officer’s device for data security.

Xenplate security was independently validated by West Midlands Ambulance Trust security team.