C-Ci partnership

“Xenplate has allowed us to launch our new COMPASS risk-adjusted outcomes predictor into the medical market in record time,” stated Steve Mackenney CEO of C-Ci.

He continued, “We have built our business from scratch in close partnership with L2S2. Their approach is solutions-driven and highly creative but combined with a level of quality, reliability and resilience that is unrivalled, with the result that we benefit from very high levels of client satisfaction in an extremely demanding niche market. Over the years, L2S2 have consistently provided the innovation, technology and support that have allowed us to become leaders in our field in the UK and overseas.”

Compass is a clinical assessment solution. It provides risk analysis that enables clinicians and hospitals to optimise care, resulting in better outcomes for each patient.

Compass was developed by L2S2 for C-Ci. Using standard development methodologies, Compass would have taken nearly a year to develop and test fully. By leveraging the Xenplate platform, C-Ci were able to ship the first product within a month from commissioning the work. Compass has since been installed in hospitals in three continents.

Compass is a highly accurate tool that predicts an individual’s risk of mortality and complications if they undergo a particular procedure. It enables critical care to be planned using standardised clinical criteria for allocating hospital resources, both in acute and critical care.

The ability to assess and optimise patients at the point of admission informs patient choice and reassures clinicians that the risks have been fully understood. It also assists with discharge planning.

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