Digital innovation is our focus

L2S2’s technology accelerates app
and system development, including
artificial intelligence applications

Approved solutions connect patients, carers, clinicians and providers and fully enable interoperability


In principle if a digital health application has the potential to cause harm if it fails to perform correctly then it is considered to be a medical device.

This includes diagnostic, therapeutic and decision support software as well as conventional instruments.

Medical device regulation affects all aspects of development. Conventional development models often prove prohibitively expensive and slow when applied to medical device grade digital health applications.

L2S2 has changed this with a new and ground-breaking approach to medical device development that works for regulated and non-regulated applications alike.

L2S2’s holistic and comprehensive medical product development platform includes technology, capabilities and expertise.
It enables customers and partners to focus on their core value proposition and accelerate to deployment and market.

Xenplate is L2S2’s core platform technology. It is the reason why L2S2’s approach is so radically different.

Xenplate has a very broad and deep range of functionality that is quickly and easily configured without need for programming to meet a wide range of healthcare applications.

It also complies with stringent international medical device and data regulations and legislation, such as GDPR, ‘out of the box’.

Ultra-rapid implementation

L2S2’s highly configurable and richly featured platform, Xenplate, transforms software development

Standards and compliance

GDPR compliance and accreditation to ISO 13485 (for CE / medical device registration)

Mobile and browser

Xenplate creates iOS, Android & Windows cross-platform apps and web applications, including patient portal


Support for every step of the innovation journey from concept through full product deployment, including technical sales support


ISO 27001 accredited / NHS Digital approved hosting connecting Internet and NHS HSCN (N3)

Developing and deploying healthcare products requires a wide and specific range of specialist skills and competencies. L2S2 has expertise and infrastructure to undertake all aspects of development and deployment. The work undertaken for customers depends on their specific requirements.

Apps, Products and Projects

Here are some of the apps, products and projects we have worked on.

World-leading technology for the most demanding of clinical environments

L2S2 has supplied the UK Emergency Medical Team with technology to take when they deploy to treat disaster victims.
SATIS is set up in less than 30 minutes and will run an entire field hospital. It provides a full EPR as well as management data to enable the hospital to be run efficiently. It also generates the reports needed by the World Health Organisation to understand the situation and the needs of the people affected.

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